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TastyRO Roadmap

by Delicious on 2018-09-10

Salutations everyone! I hope you have been enjoying TastyRO.

I apologize that updates have not been coming as frequently as they should. I am desperately trying to find time in this little life of mine to create more delicious experiences for everyone.

Please bear with me through this turbulent period, and I hope I can release our upcoming features soon!

In the interest of transparency, this is how our upcoming roadmap is planned.

Type Subtype Priority Estimated Effort (Hours) Due Status
Website Publish Roadmap 1 1 10-Sep-18 Done

Doram Shop (Temporary)

-Added Doram drops to mobs instead. Drops may not be reflective of official servers.

1 1 16-Sep-18 Done
Others Doram DB Updates 3 5   Done


- Added, but weapons with options such as Crimson weapons will have no option selected. Will fix in future.

1 0.5 16-Sep-18 Done

Increase MVP rate for Delicious

-Tripled the rate for DC drops on MVPs

1 0.5 16-Sep-18 Done

Reduce Price of Silvervines

- Halved the price to 10 TCs

1 0.5 16-Sep-18 Done
Events Dice Event 1 3 23-Sep-18 Started
Others Add hats to Tasty Boxes 1 2 23-Sep-18 Not Started
Events Find the Poring 1 3 30-Sep-18 Started
Others Custom Tasty Weapons 2 3 7-Oct-18 Not Started
NPC Izlude Kafra to save at Center 2 1 7-Oct-18 Not Started
rAthena Update Check/Implement Missing Instances 2 5 14-Oct-18 Not Started
Website Logo 2 3 21-Oct-18 Not Started
Website Publish FAQ/Wiki 2 5 21-Oct-18 Not Started
Website Custom CP Theme 2 6 28-Oct-18 Not Started
Events Invasions 3 5   Not Started
Others Dungeon Treasure 3 5   Not Started
Others Guild Housing 3 10   Not Started
Others More Buff Candy 3 3   Not Started
Others TastyPvP 3 10   Not Started
Others VIP Rewards 3 3   Not Started
Web Presence Vote for Points 3 3   Not Started
NPC Option support (e.g. Crimson Weapons) for Identifier 2 2   Not Started

If you would like to reflect your opinions or have any suggestions, feel free to pop by our Discord!

Launch and Information

by Delicious on 2018-07-30

I am glad to announce the official launch of TastyRO!

TastyRO is now fully operational, and you may register via this Control Panel. A website will be fully implemented at a later date. For the time being, you will be able to find our community on Discord, via the following link.

Discord: https://discord.gg/BUZzJ6T

For access instructions, please follow the instructions on the Downloads page.

Until 20th August, we will be running at 20/20/20 to celebrate our launch.

Server Information:

Rates - 10x / 10x / 10x

Renewal & Third Classes

Max 3rd Class Level - 175/60

Rebellion/Kagerou/Oboro/Summoner available

We at TastyRO have built this server with player interaction in mind. We do not implement low-quality customs that do not fit well with our intended aesthetics. We pride ourself on being Delicious and wish to help everyone build unforgettable friendships!

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